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Classical Ballet Academy
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Where you don't just learn a dance...
... you learn how to dance.
“I am a waiter for God. We are all servants of God, or destiny, whatever you wish to call it. I am not so proud, and I am not so great--I am nothing but what He has wanted me to be. He has said to me, “You are going to teach and serve and make them dance,” and I know that nothing anybody on earth could do could prevent me from doing what He wants me to do.”  
  -George Balanchine

CBA Alum... what are they doing now?

  • Alison Swenson - OCU dance graduate, Magna Cum Laude, performing and traveling in Europe with Missoula Children's Theater, and now working in NYC. 
  • Talya Krumholz- finished 2 year Professional Division Program at Pacific Northwest Ballet. Currently is a company member in the Carolina Ballet Company.
  • Amelia Reiser -Graduate in dance at the University of Georgia.  Currently a dancer in the Staibdance Company.
  • Aedan Donovan - University of Oklahoma School undergrad in the School of Dance, majoring in ballet